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Ango Flowstation Installation Works
  • Lifting & installation of the flowstation equipment and the interconnecting piping (painting the interconnecting piping using Company coating spec. Pipes & fittings for underground lines are already FBE coated)
  • Installation of the interconnecting bulk pipeline (headers) from the HP, LP and Test manifolds to the HP separator, LP separator and Test separator respectively.
  • Installation of the bulk liquid pipeline from the pipeline pumps to the Ango-AJ pipeline.
  • Installation of the flare system including the construction of the bond wall, structural foundation for flare stack, guy wires, support for piping and steel walkway (with handrails) on the flare header which is about 100m from the flare KO drum to the base of the flare stack.
  • Fabrication of Piping spools and others where required
  • Generation of piping fabrication drawings (spool drawings etc.)
  • Construction of required concrete and/or steel pipe supports for all piping.
  • Construction of the open and close drain
  • Procurement and installation of one flowmeter to measure the quantity of the liquid (oil and water) leaving Ango station to Auntie Julie
  • Fabrication and installation of approximately 7m access ladder to the existing manifold and pig launcher platforms.
  • Installation and hook-up of all instrumentations for the facility with all associated cables and cable trays
  • Procure and run all pneumatic tubing and other accessories and fittings for the facility
  • Installations and hook-up of all necessary control systems e.g. ESD etc.
  • Generation of all instrumentation drawings e.g. hook-up drawings etc.
  • To conduct all necessary tests on all installed equipment
  • Pre-commissioning audit of the Ango flowstation installations, preferably by a third party company
  • Commissioning of the Ango flowstation
  • Issue As-built drawings (PFDs, P&IDs, PGA, Layout etc.) at the end of the project
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